By its product quality, diversity of designs and features Jogger Footwear has grown to a world-class level. It now manufactures around 35,000 pairs of footwear every day from 4 companies and 6 subsidiaries. Apart from this Jogger also exports to UAE, KSA, Oman, and Qatar etc.., Jogger is now enshrined to the comfort of any international footwear.

Jogger Footwear has installed the most advanced brand of machinery from China / Italy under the collaboration of AMA Gusberti; type Banana Gusberti PU Rotary Automatic/Semi-Automatic machines.

Jogger Footwear ventured into the market with high quality; high valued PU Footwear in the Kerala/Indian Market to match with any international product so that it becomes the prestigious footwear of India.

“Jogger” Footwear has been exercised by the quality added activities like ISO-9001-2015. Whether the footwear is in India or abroad, no matter, Jogger stands apart as an international quality product.

Apart excellence and quality of production, Jogger group also commits to esteem customer value and responsibilities. It is given a facelift so that, the perception of thinking about footwear causes a drastic change.

Manufacturer of “Jogger” branded Polyurethane (PU) footwear was established in 2006 under the company of Mr.Walker footcare. With a vision so framed that its product should stand out entirely different from the routine types of products available in the Market.